You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Behind Chocolate Moulding Machine.

Dedy 30 kg Chocolate Moulding Machine is a wheel pushed Chocolate Moulding Machine; high quality German  designed and manufactured equipment for moulding chocolate and manufacturing confections. Inner partitions, in which the product may have opportunity to contact are made with SS 304. This sort of chocolate machinery increase manufacturing capability in rapid changing environments with a need for smaller batches. The device has a maximum running speed of 18 moulds per second and is offered in a stainless steel or painted finish.

Depositor: Depositor tank build using SS 304, Aluminum head two Rotary Slides, with 20or40 no’s of pistons. Before completion we invite all customers to see their gear running and where potential with merchandise. We work closely with a variety of smaller machine makers from China who build base machines and gear to our quality guidelines.

The base machine is subsequently imported into the united kingdom for the final portion of this build in our 23,000 sq ft manufacturing facility. Automated loader for vibrating and filling polycarbonate moulds and production of strong bodies only. The Loynds One Shot Moulding Machine is for the production of both strong and centre-filled chocolate solutions.

The procedure for the creation of strong bodies (pills, napolitaines etc.) is considerably easier: in this case the bodies, following the filling and following vibration to evenly distribute the chocolate within chocoalte equipment it, are straight expelled, just like its predecessors, into the connected tube. Transport of the tempered chocolate to the moulds is offered by a rotating wheel.

Automated loader for filling and vibration of polycarbonate molds capable of creating hollow and solid bodies. Easy to use and also to keep the 30 pound molding machine supplies a top quality for its value. The machine needs to work in combination with a TOP EX tempering machine. Fully build of stainless steel and armed with accurate electronic elements, the moulding machines guarantee continuous productivity.

Moulding is made easy due to the flexible amount of tempered chocolate. VEC-CM-300 Semi Automatic Chocolate Moulding Machine. Moulding machines have been specially made to fill tempered chocolates into molds to produce pralines, pills, bars and hollow figures. The largest moulding machine can manage up to 100 kg and may be extended using an excess chocolate pump.

The system employs the very best EX tempering machine and is extremely compact in size despite the fact that it performs the same automated operations until now delegated to the classic industrial lines for the creation of solids (tablets, napolitaines etc.). This Belgian made moulding machine holding a power of 30 kg of tempered chocolate is perfect for filling moulds of all kinds and it could adapt to small and bigger productions.

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